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Frequently Asked questions

Why can’t I buy BG products at a retail outlet?

BG products are professional-use only and require the knowledge of specially trained technicians to perform services. BG Products Inc. sells to a network of independent distributors, each responsible for a territory comprised of dealerships and independent shops.

What geographic areas are covered by Brookside Sales, Inc.?

We are proud to serve Pennsylvania (west of the Susquehanna River) and 22 counties in West Virginia.

I would like to offer BG brand products and services in my shop or dealership. Who do I need to talk to about that?

Contact us and Brookside Sales will have a sales representative reach out to you as soon as possible.

Who do I contact if I have specific technical questions about BG products or other general information?

Because of our unique business structure, our technical services are maintained in the field. Contact us with your specific questions, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I obtain price quotes from BG Products, Inc.?

No, price quotes are only available from your local BG Distributor. Each individual BG Distributorship sets prices in their territory. While pricing isn’t the same, it is very similar throughout the US.

Are all additives the same and aren’t they all “snake oil”?

No, additives are not all the same and no, they are not all snake oil. One of the biggest issues BG Distributors face is that “someone” used “somebody else’s” products, and it caused problems for them. There are many different chemistry choices available in the marketplace today, and it can be confusing.In the current market, many chemical products work to minimum levels, meaning a product may show an initial but short-lived benefit. As a result, the problem reoccurs much sooner than if BG Products were used. Thorough scientific and real-world testing allows BG to completely validate all benefit statements concerning their products.

BG will never compromise a technician’s safety by using a cheaper and possibly dangerous chemistry in its formulations. Quality always comes first.  BG uses industry accepted ASTM testing methods for all their chemistry.  When we say something, it is proven not just stated.