About Us

Brookside Sales Inc. is the BG distributor in Western Pennsylvania and 22 West Virginia counties.  Brookside Sales offers superior BG products and equipment, combined with ongoing training for advisors and technicians, in automotive dealerships, repair shops and fleets. We make certain that your staff is trained to perform vehicle services efficiently.

Brookside Sales Inc. offers the latest automotive maintenance updates and tips straight from BG.   Maximizing the knowledge and proficiency of your advisors and techs will keep your service department productive and improve profitability.  We continuously strive to help our clients’ businesses succeed, through the distribution of our quality BG brand and loyal customers.

Brookside Sales is focused on providing outstanding service to our clients so they can do the same for their customers.  We are in the business of building successful partnerships.

Mission Statement

Brookside Sales, Inc. maintains a mission of providing superior BG Chemistry, effective automotive service programs, and Service Equipment to the automotive industry. We are committed to honesty and dependability in business and community. Brookside Sales believes in the value of partnerships and BG.



Brookside Sales, as a BG distributorship in Western PA, was started by First Lieutenant, USAAC, Peter S. Edwards Jr. after his service in WWII. As a P-51 Mustang Pilot, he flew of over 45 missions in Germany.  Mr. Edwards built this business with his strong work ethic, on a foundation of high moral character and honest dealings.  These values form the bedrock of Brookside Sales to this day. Along with the original territory in 1957, Brookside Sales expanded into 17 additional counties in West Virginia in 2016.

Because of top-quality BG chemicals, equipment and training delivered by an outstanding sales team and support staff, Brookside Sales has enjoyed 60 years of business, and we anticipate assisting our business partners for years to come.


Our Reps:

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Our Team: